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  1. The site stde.co.il contains information about entertainment (entertainment) events and attractions, and also accepts orders for tickets and tickets and their payment. Firm-owner of the site is the organizer of events.

  2. The site stde.co.il provides customers with information about entertainment events - their description, time and location of performances, prices of tickets and season tickets, the procedure for obtaining tickets and season tickets, canceling and changing orders, issuing tickets and season tickets to customers, passing them to the venue, provides buyers with service during the event, provides high-quality event.

  3. With all questions related to the performance of duties of event organizers, users of the site should contact directly the company Stardust Entertainment, whose contact details are on the page www.stde.co.il/contact.

  4. If we cancel the event, we will notify the customers about it and return the money in full within two working weeks.

  5. You can cancel your order for concerts, performances and other events on your own initiative no later than 7 days before the event, not counting the day of the event. For example: if the event is on March 25th, then the last day of cancellation is March 17th.

  6. If you cancel the order according to claim 5 and return the money you will be charged 5% of the order amount. 

  7. The site stde.co.il reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders.

  8. When paying on credit, the credit company charges the interest stipulated by your agreement with the credit company. These percentages (ribit) are not refundable if the payment is canceled for any reason, including due to the cancellation of the event.

  9. We will save your data and your email address and send messages related to your order to it. Also, if you have confirmed receipt of newsletters about new events and / or about events at super-prices, you will be added to the e-mail list. You can opt out at any time from one of the mailings, or both, by clicking on the unsubscribe link from each mailing separately.

  10. If you do not get to the event, regardless of the reasons, your tickets disappear, and money for them will not be refunded..

  11. Changes to places and rows in an already paid order require re-ordering a new one.

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